August 10, 2022



Acropolis News Network (ANN) founded by Trevor Brown is an Independent media organization powered by Block-chain, liberty platforms, and peer to peer advertising.We at ANN have not nor will ever receive funds from Government institutions, Angel Investors, multinational conglomerates, politicians, …etc. We are not beholden to the targeted harassment campaigns of cancel culture. If an institution or person affiliated with ANN violates the perceived ideals of a mob. We here at ANN will simply ignore your wishes if you try to contact us. We will not destroy peoples lives in order to serve your petty whims. Moreover, if you wish to contact us we have encrypted communication from Minds chat and Proton mail. Before Ancient Greece fell the Acropolis was the cultural hub of Ancient Athens. At ANN the Acropolis is today’s safe haven and bulwark for free-speech, Independent journalism, and so much more here in the United States. ANN does not host Ads like a traditional news website. If you want to support us we offer a premium subscriptions that can be paid for in your choice of cryptocurrency or traditional USD.  We here at ANN hath Pledged ourselves to ethics, logos, and secular analysis without the irrational hatred of the religious. All articles are reviewed by our chief editor before publication. Some of our ANN affiliates may/ may not post content that you don’t like. This is fine we have plenty of other content on our network. Or if none of our content is your fancy this is also fine with us. 

Acropolis News Network is a none traditional news network. To start with we are the first news organization to be powered by block-chain, peer to peer advertising, and liberty platforms. Secondly we have a news category dedicated to distributing articles free of bias. Third we have people who write anonymously for ANN. Forth we have acropolis affiliates. These affiliates get exclusive perks from ANN. 

1. We host your posts on our website Via RSS or other means.

2. We do regular shout outs of your posts across various Liberty platforms.

3. If Acropolis affiliates do any kind of collaborative work with other Acropolis affiliates we will also host it on our website.

4. We help find sponsors for you. 

The only exceptions regarding acropolis affiliates is if any acropolis affiliate breaks the law and if the said video is not available in English. 

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